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Visit to Cotswold Animal Park

Come weekend and I am used to getting up late around 11 or 12 o’clock. But some how i got into the habit of waking up early. Finshed my breakfast and was wondering what i would do the whole day. The phone rang and i thought to myself who could that be early morning. It was Andy my tech lead he called up to ask if I would join him to Cotswold Animal Park. Here was the answer to my question I agreed and he said he would pick me up at my house.

It is very essential to have driving license while you are in UK as most of the places are only accessible by car.In the car he told me we could either go to Zoo or visit the castle.I was up for anything as it would be more exciting then sitting at home.So we decided we would go to the castle.This castle was in Banbury, when we reached the castle it was closed and the timings were 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM. We decided not to wait and waste time as we had reached there at around 11 and half.We were then off to Cotswold Animal Park.We moved on discussing our countries. Andy and his wife were telling me about Russia and I was telling them about India.Before we moved towards the national park we took snaps at the city center.

There were many people already, car park was full. With 10 pounds entry fee per person we proceeded to our destination.As the car passed by green lush roads covered on both sides with fields in some places most of them in hilly areas.Now the Cotlswold Wildlife Park was something like the National park we have in Borvili in Mumbai. The exception being that the animals were restricted in a zone by fencing and not actually caged. Very few birds we and animals were caged. They had all sorts of animals right from Cows, goats to Rhinoceros.For the first time in my life I even saw wolves here. Amazingly it had a toy train which we could ride for a pound.It took you around the whole place giving you a idea what all you could see.Basically a joy ride for kids.It was a nice attraction for kids and grown up alike.

Also there was a live show of brids of prey where the demonstrator showed how an owl caught its prey. he had a big eagle as well. I was hoping to see the eagle in action but it did not happen so.From there we wandered in the whole park seeing the whole range of animals and birds.

By far this was the best Sat in all in times. Instead of sleeping and cooking i was doing some outing. I really regret not having learnt to drive.Lets hope when i visit Mumbai i get some hands on in driving.

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