Bee Pee

Weekend with Pranshu

Name: Pranshu
Meaning of the name: Tall, Lord Vishnu

Yea you guessed it right, well not hard enough to guess from his snaps. Pranshu is a 6-7 month old kid. He is a kid of some one related to me. Pranshu is a lovely kid. After a delaying visit for long time now, finally I got to visit his family. Actually I had plans to visit another friend of mine on the same day who was around the same area and was visiting a common friend staying there. I sincerely apologize to you both I did not turn up. But, actually I was not in the best of my mood. I did not want to turn up and just hang around with you guys. Perhaps, I was happier with Pranshu around. Yea, I love kids. Looking at Pranshu and his relationship with his dad you can know why someone wants a kid in their life. The kids are their reflection like a part of them. What makes a man happier is when his kids have a kid and he plays with him. You can actually see yourself going through generations. I can see why my bade papa was so happy to see his son’s son back few months ago. I can imagine what he must be feeling like. And this is just my imagination may be he would be able to tell better. But, what I guess would feel like playing with yourself in your lap, too vague to understand… I Know I am like that.

Pranshu is obviously the center of attraction in his family. He is but a very active kid and also very demanding…No not chocolates or something. All that sweetheart Pranshu needs is attention someone should constantly keep him in his arms. The fee you might not mind paying him for the sweet smile he gives you. It was not the first time I was visiting his family they are pretty cool guys. His elder sister Drashti I should say quite an intelligent girl she has received many stickers from her school. I guess this was the way for her teacher to say well done. Her father has bought her some educational software which she loves very much. When she was younger she use to play on BBC website for kids. And I guess Pranshu will be the same with all the loving attention from his parents and sister. You will not believe me but he loves to watch kids program on tele. I could not believe my eyes when I saw him totally engrossed in program when his mum turned it on. Not even a blink! But when his dad turned on the news he would not bother to pay attention to it.

I am not an avid talker so most of the time Pranshu’s parents did the talking and I was just answering their questions. And yes, I got to talk to my cousin which I had not did in years yes it’s a big shame I don’t call up any one. Pranshu’s father gave me couple advises, also he reminded me of the advice my dietitian gave me a few years back. And bhabhiji cooked me some good Indian food. I loved it. After so many days I had Indian food. It was long back I had Indian food when I visited my friend PP (there too, I had good time playing with his daughter 10vi, I wanted a snap of her but unfortunately I had no cam with me then)

We had been shopping at IKEA and then visited the Neasden temple. Old memories were revisited when I had visited the temple with Vee. After the visit to temple we were waiting for Pranshu’s dad to get the car, I was talking to bhabhiji. She suggested I should have a look inside the shop near the temple. And wow, I found many items I wanted I was just looking for gram flour and here I was back with things worth around 14 pounds. All shopping done under guidance of Pranshu’s mum’s guidance.

One and half day with his family passed off so quickly, loads of Indianess was celebrated by then Indian food, Indian talk, Indian Language spoken, Talked with people back in India, Indian TV program’s watched. I was ready to go the English way now. It was time to go back. I will tell you from the bottom of my heart I felt like I was going back to hostel from home. And just like a worried mom fills in lots of stuff for his kid like last time Pranshu’s mother had cooked food for me and packed for me enough to feed me for two days. With a very heavy heart I bid a farewell to Pranshu’s family. Wish I cud see the cutie again but he was asleep when I left for my destination.