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Vegetable Spring Roll

Had been away from my blog for long time; reason was am very busy with my work at office. Any ways had to get back sometime or the other.Well the day itself started with a phone call from a dear friend. Today i finally managed to do what i had been planning to do from long time now. As you must have been seen from the picture am cooking again. Well I cook everyday I love cooking I can safely say that cooking is my hobby. Well today what I tried was Vegetable Spring roll. The recipe is as below. I am planning to start a new blog let see when it materializes. For that matter I wanted to change the skin of this one but don’t know when i will get time. Well this recipe had eluded me for a long time now as i had to hunt for the Spring roll wrappers.Finally tracked it down to a Asian shop. Ready with the wish list bought them from the Tesco’s.

Well the Recipe itself is simple only thing it demanded was attention especially in part 2 when you are frying the rolls. Turn your attention away for a minute and you end up burning the rolls.Also, the other part is creating the rolls.

The Ingredients are as below.
1) Spring Roll wrappers
2) 1/2 red peppers, thinly sliced
3) 1 carrot grated
4) Some bean sprouts
5) 1/4 white cabbage, shredded
6) Rice noodles,soaked in water
7) 1 tsp Oyster sauce
8) 1 tsp Soy sauce
9) 1 tsp sugar
10) 1 liter of Veg Oil
11) 1 Egg beaten

Earlier when i had not eaten the sprig roll before any time in my life. I use to think that the recipe was called spring roll as the rolls might be having some spring effect when you touch them. But, looking at the ingredients i realize that these are the ingredients which are available in China early in the Spring and hence the name.

1) Heat some oil in wok/pan

2) Add the shredded white cabbage to the heated oil and saute for some time

3) Now add the peppers,bean sprouts and carrots. Let them cook till the time they soften up a bit and juices from all the ingredients are mixed with each other.

4) Now add the rice noodles

5) To finish the filling add the soy sauce,oyster sauce and sugar.

6) Now comes the part where we use the fillings to make the roll. Place the wrapper with corner towards you. Brush the beaten egg on all for sides.

7) Now add some of the filling just near the end leaving some space below.

8)Now, tuck the end of wrapper under the filling and rollover

9) Fold the sides to make it a shape of tube. Common sense suggests that sooner you fold for the tube smaller the length you would get for the tube.

10) Rollover and finish the tube. Complete similarly the other spring rolls.

11) Pre-Heat oil in a frying pan

12) Fry till light brown

13) Yeah!! the crisp spring roll’s are ready to eat

Vegetable Spring roll are great appetizers you can serve them with hot chilli suace or any dip of your choice.

Later in the evening was watching the F1 quali’s , Massa is on pole hoping that he wins Championship on Sunday.Anyways after I finished the spring roll I had much of the raw material which remained back.Looks like I am starting to contemplate what I can make out of them. Anyways this recipe fixes the part 1 of big jig saw puzzle I am trying to solve.

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