Bee Pee

The Italian Adventure

Well no I am not in Italy now, I am still in UK. It’s just something Italian which I tried out. Most of my friends know I am love cooking. Its best way which I can keep myself occupied plus it gives me way by which I can eat food I like any time of the day.
And any ways someone has said cooking is the best way to unwind you. And by the way I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver. Back in India I never use to miss his show “Oliver’s Twist”.

So what was the Italian thing that I tried…simple what is the simplest thing to cook for guys Pasta. Well to be more specific it was Spaghetti. This is very similar in look to the famous maggi noodles. It is as simple to cook. Only thing is unlike maggi we cannot have just Spaghetti alone. The reason being it is bland in taste. We need some sauce to make it tasty. It took me just 15 minutes to make it. Cool isn’t it. Well that evening when I was coming back from the superstore where I live, I saw a restaurant advertising the same recipe as take away, the cost was 6.75 pounds. And tell you what the total cost for the raw material of the recipe for me were 2.65 pounds. Even if you add the cost of labor and gas it would surely not be that high. I am happy I did not have to shell out that money for trying something new.

What else the recipe is just few lines. Oh you are laughing! Believe me; see for yourself then I will write down for you.

Take 1 liter water for 1/2 kg Spaghetti. Boil the water with pinch of salt and oil in sauce pan. After the water is boiling add the spaghetti. After sometime the spaghetti immersed in water will be a little softer, you can then bend it inside the sauce pan. Let the water and spaghetti boil for 10 minutes. Constantly stir the spaghetti. Taste the spaghetti after 10 min. If you feel it is still raw you can cook for more time. Now it’s the time for preparation of Sauce. Well actually I got ready made sauce called “Bolognese Pasta Sauce” courtesy Iceland. All that I had to do was take some of the sauce and heat it so that it was piping hot. After that strain the water from Spaghetti, and keep it under running cold water. After that heat some butter in the sauce pan and add the spaghetti to it. Stir the same for some time. To make it more exotic I used peppers (Simla mirch). Remove the seeds and strip it vertically. Serve the spaghetti with Sauce and peppers.

Well if you are non vegetarian you can use meat balls in the sauce, they will add good taste to the recipe. This time I had readymade sauce next time I hope to make the sauce myself.

When I sat to have the new recipe after saying my regular AAHNIK. I thought I would stay half hungry but guess what I was full and there was still extra on my plate. Both my stomach and appetite were completely satisfied.