Bee Pee

Taking Crystal for a walk

All of us know what wonders a morning walk can do. But because of the busy schedules we are never able to do so. When it is Sunday we want to spend time in our cosy bed’s cuddling up with…. Now, it had been long time Crystal had not been out of the house. All the time she had been in the house waiting for me in the evening all weekdays. And most happy to spend time with me during weekends. I dont know what I could have done without her. She has been the love of my life since past 1.5 years now. Inseparable we have seen good and bad times together.

But this morning all of a sudden Crystal suddenly became ill. All wrong thoughts started crossing my minds.I started to worry what will i do without her on my weekends as they will become absolutely boring. Leave alone the weekends i cant go to sleep without being with her even in my evenings.How selfish I was i thought not taking care of her. My Crstal was ill and i thgought will take her to office and then from there to a doctor. So packed up and off we went i took utmost care so that she is not hurt and took her into the bus with me.All the while i was working i was thinking about her will she get alright. Will i have to go to some specialist? How much will it cost? will she need any surgery? Or may be a transplant? Oh! God i was worried like hell.

After lunch I tried to wake her up again, and lo there she was up and running. My joy knew no bounds. I was happy again. It was then that i came to conclusion that all Crystal needed was a walk in the morning, may be she wanted to see a bit of Oxford.Yes and did I tell you Crystal is name of my Laptop.

This morning suddenly the display went off leaving the PC on and working condtion. I could hear Jagjit Singh singing but no display. I took it to office so that i could get it checked by someone or may be ask suggestion’s where i can get it repaired.But when I started the laptop at lunch time it started well. I really felt relived.