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Rab ne bana di jodi.

Today one of my best mates Mr S is getting married
Very happy for him. Actually his wife Miss K or should i say Mrs K was also my friend. He was going out with her for many years now very happy to see the pair of them getting the final destiny. Congratulations to both of them. And in another two days time my sister is getting married and in another few days my its Shaadi season already. Never mind my heartiest congratulations to all the pairs and my prayers to GOD for their happy married life.

Thinking of that what would you require to get married?, really simple yet a complex equation. I would say trust,truthfulness and transparency would be the most important of all. Of course you see people would have different motivation and reasons to get married.
But it hurts the most when they marry for other but the reasons mentioned. Because when you don’t trust your partner or you are not truthful about your present or past you end up in a mess. What I believe is when you keep hiding things from your partner i.e. to say you are not transparent about any or other thing you are bound to end in a mess.

Marriage according to me is very sacred thing but when one of the two things wrong it just goes for a toss.Getting old with some one would be a really nice thing.But in this world handful of people enjoy. Many people think it is a compromise they have to live on with. Well no if you think that then you are making a mistake. Well if you are making a compromise then you are spoiling your life and your partners life and your children s lives as well.

After marriage you get into the whole new dimension. All your actions needs to take into account your better half. Never can it be possible that you can drag one end other person would stay behind.

Although people say that marriages are made in heaven i would say well no they are made by us humans. GOD never decides this person marries that person. He has given you free will you are responsible for your actions completely.

All i would say is Look before you leap…

2 thoughts on “Rab ne bana di jodi.

  1. Bhupendra

    aaah..this is as old as you marriage my dear was my cousin sis from the US of A and another Cousin of mine got married as well..