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Pic’s of me with SnowWoman

Yes pretty unusual. Last to last week we had a heavy snowfall here and i had planned to make a snowman myself but…. Yes performing role of man and woman does not leave you with enough time; does it?
Any ways my tech lead’s wife had come over to the office one day as she was not able to go to hers. The roads were full of ice and were quite treacherous. I had however managed to reach office all the days unlike others i don’t have to drive which is good and bad. But like Andrew says “It is what it is”.Andrew was working from home those days and had popped into the office for some discussion. While he was having his meeting,I had gone to cafeteria to get myself a cup of tea. I was thinking such a wonderful weather (unlike the English who think it was a horrible weather) and just tea that too not our Indian style just some boiled water with tea powder. It would have been so much fun if i could have just sat outside with hot bowl of Maggi and snow falling. Anyways…
When i reached the end of the cafeteria which has glass wall’s I saw a woman making snowman. Both I and Mike wondered who it was..Aah! Mike lovely old chap. Now , i was starting to think must be someone from other company who must be doing it but at second look…Lo, it was Lena. Andrew’s wife. She could not manage to reach to her office so she was accompanying Andrew to ours. Both of them make a lovely couple. Lena is a sunshine girl. The concentration with which she was making the snowman was incredible. She completed the snowman in what may be just 15-20 min. And not like the usual ones as you can see. I went back to desk and started work again.
After a while i remembered Lena, Andrew was in meeting and poor girl was waiting outside all alone (of course in the car) . I thought it will be nice idea to get her in so i popped out to get her in. And that is when she took these pics of mine.
Well you can see exactly why i am calling it snowwoman and not snowman. Lena was teasing me that i was posing with snowwoman as if she was my GF. But i think it appreciable how quick and beautiful she made the snow damsel!! Any ways when she was done taking the pic’s se gave me bowl of chocolates and some food to eat. Lovely sweets from Lovely Lena
And yes Lena is expecting well everyone in the team is excited and happy for her and Andrew.

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