Bee Pee

New kid on the block

So we have a new kid on the block from Google, yes the much awaited browser “Chrome”. Will the browser be received with same flair as its search engine or will it be another Internet Explorer. Well we will have to wait and see. However it has released its Beta. I hope they will release a final version of the product unlike other Google products G mail,Orkut.This new product is said to be an open source project which you can tinker around with help of Microsoft Visual studio. You can see they have used the same colors as of windows logo in the logo for Chrome..may be a tribute to Windows… just kidding.It is just two days old it has triggered so many discussions about it. I had a go on it at my office looks neat but i was not happy with the speed of the browser which Google claims would be the best. They have built a new JavaScript engine called V8 however they used old webkit version which Apple’s safari uses. They have the tabbed version like most of the browser’s today. well, no there is difference in the tab orientation the tab’s are above the address bar. This just highlights that each of the tab is separate from other they are running on different engines you could compare it to four wheel drive car..although you could open many tabs and each will be independent of other. This is to make browser usable even if one of the tab page hangs. Aah..and yes it has something called “incognito” window. Whatever you browse in this window would not be recorded any where. Something similar to “InPrivate” mode of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 8. (Beta for IE8 has also been launched).As this just a beta Google has released it only for Windows Xp/Vista. They have speed dial feature of the Opera. Well you must be wondering why Google has been copying the feature of the browsers.Apparently that’s the aim of releasing “Chrome” get all the best features in one browser. The security experts have already found many loopholes in the browser. The browser is still in the nascent stage, Google will have to watch out for all these things very soon.None , of the competitors are worried about the Search giants steps. They have all welcomed the step from Google.I would not still wander into this unknown area before the tech guru’s announce the result of regression testing of the browser.Besides it does not still have any addons like FireFox which will remain my favorite.Thanks to Google we have a new browser to which our web pages will have to be compatible.

Here is the Google’s comic version of the story