Bee Pee

My Experiment with Mushrooms

I had always fancied the mushrooms. I love ‘em. But it was only after spotting them at the local store and seeing my house mates prepare the same I decided to go ahead with the experiment. My house mates are Polish and their version of preparation was non-veg. I wasn’t keen on the non-veg recipe so I set out to search on internet to find any recipe. And as you would expect you find abundance of them. So after going through few of them I zeroed on of them called “indobase”.

As you would expect the method of preparation was not really accurate, so a doubt started to loom in my mind. I was wondering should I pre cook the mushrooms before following the process or they would be cooked in the process itself. And none of my polish home mates were home so I could not ask for suggestion. So brave heatedly I started my journey in to the unknown.

I started by chopping an onion to long pieces. Similarly cut the two tomatoes and a pepper. Having cleaned the mushroom with water and wiped them off began the process of cutting them to cubes. I had all my spices ready salt, chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala (famous badshah masala).

In a large pan with some oil I began heating the same at medium flame. In minute or two the oil was ready so in went the onions (By the way when you cut the onions wet your knife with water, this will prevent watering your eyes). Fry the onions till they are a little soft take care that they don’t turn pink. They will be cooked eventually with the mixture. Now after the onions was the turn of tomatoes, the tomatoes tend to lose water as they are cooked if that happens its good you will get natural sauce and the vegetables can be cooked in that sauce. If not than not a worry you can add water to the pan. Make sure you don’t add a large amount of water to the mixture else you will spoil the vegetable. Start adding little by little and stir the mixture. You will see that a sort of gravy gets prepared. After you see the signs of the gravy been prepared add the pepper to the mix, cook until the peppers are soft. Now comes the turn of mushrooms. By now we have sufficient amount of gravy in which the mushrooms can be cooked. Add the mushrooms and little bit of water again. Stir the mixture for a minute and cover the pan with lid. Keep a watch on the same; do not let the complete gravy evaporate.

The second time I made the same vegetable I used Bolognese sauce from Iceland’s in place of water. If you have a tin of tomatoes puree even that would do the trick. Also this time I had added boiled eggs but that was when it was being served. According to me I would like to soak the sliced boiled eggs in the gravy for some time so that they absorb the sauce.