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Missing Oxford

Well just a week gone past and am already missing oxford. While the date to visit
India was coming near i was just desperate to reach home and see my family. but as soon as I reached here and having met my family i was already longing to go back. I don’t know what bug has bit me.Mostly seems boredom bug has done the trick. Although having come here to sort out certain matters here i carried on met my “Bade papa” and other family. Rest all did disappoint me Looks like the matter is tough nut to crack and there is no easy solution to it. But i am resolved to sort the same and go as i am going to extend the stay.

I miss Oxford every minute especially the beautiful view of the moon from my bedroom in the night. The foggy mountain tops in the morning. The shopping i use to go to Tesco’s in Cowley. The cooking routine i use to have everyday. Believe me cooking is real fun. above all i miss my office and my work mates. We are really good team And also i miss another mate of mine somewhere in the world.

Everyday waking up in the morning and doing nothing all is getting on to my nerves. Not even the internet helps me to get rid of the boredom. Ahh I must be surely missing Crystal. Well, part of life you see. This time i have seen worse things happen to me by far not the worst.

One thing I realized once again in life , people are not what people paint the picture to be. This time I have confronted with yet a another worse lot. People don’t honor their own words i mean what kind of person you are. All i can pray to GOD is that they realize their mistake and come clean. I would just like to make clear to
’em that at least be afraid of GOD whom you will have to answer.

Any ways may God bless. although they are doing such bad things i don’t have any hard feelings for you.

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