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Menace of Windows Vista Service Pack

A few months back I had read that a big company if I remember it well it was FORD who reportedly did not want to upgrade their Desktop OS to Windows Vista. They said they were ready to wait for the next OS from Microsoft. Today even I think they are very wise not to upgrade to Vista. All was fine till this morning at work when the OS downloaded the Service pack and asked me to reboot the system.
I did not realize but that was the last time I had seen the GUI of my laptop. After I clicked on yes on the screen, the OS rebooted and started in sort of command line mode. Looked as if it was checking the file system and the registries. After a while it stuck at a particular entry and would not go ahead. I rebooted the machine myself. It again did the same thing , this cycle repeated three times. But all in vain, i could never see the GUI mode of Vista again. It had to be sent back to the dealer to see what is wrong.

Then on a spare laptop in Office i set back to work losing around 3-4 hours of precious time. I Googled to see if I could find anything about the service pack. To my amazement I was not the only one suffering there were other people as well.
I am hoping I get back my system ASAP….

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