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Mein Nara E Mastana

We all know how good singer Jagjit Singh is. He is quite well known to all of us , but last time around when i heard this person i was just enthralled by the way this person sings. The song which i heard was Wasif Ali Wasif’s Mein Nara E Mastana sung by Abida Parveen. This lady is a huge hit in Pakistan and sufi world.

Artist: Abida Parveen
Title: Mein Nara E Mastana (I Am Drunk of Love)
Album: Ishq Mastana
Video on You Tube

mein nara e mastana mein shouqi e rindana
mein tashna kahan jaaon pee kar bhi kahan jana

mein souz e mohabbat hoon mein aik qayamat hoon
mein ashk e nadaamat hoon mein gouhar e yakdana

mein tahir e lahoti mein johar e malkooti
nasoot ne kab mujh ko is haal mein pehchana

mein shamm e farozan hoon mein aatish e larza hoon
mein sozish e hijraan hoon mein manzil e parwana

kiss yaad ka shera hoon kiss chashm ka darya hoon
khud toor ka jalwa hoon hai shakl qalbhana

mein husn e mujassim hoon mein gesu e barham hoon
mein phool hoon shabnam hoon mein jalwa e janana

mein wasif e bismil hoon mein ronaq e mehfil hoon
ik toota howa dil hoon mein shehar mein veerana

mein nara e mastana mein shouqi e rindana
mein tashna kahan jaaon pee kar bhi kahan jana

After i heard this song from my friend V’s CD i could not stop listening to it agin and again.This was two years back some time back I located the song on You tube i was happy I could now listen to it whenever I wanted.
Now the only downside is that I am not able to get the meaning of it.

5 thoughts on “Mein Nara E Mastana

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Bhupen,

    Now that you’re in the UK give the local music a chance too. Check out “My Dying Bride” or “Paradise Lost”.


  2. Anonymous

    Hi. Found your page while Googling to find the song Nara-e-Mastana to download. Any idea where I might get it? Thanks.


  3. Vaishali

    this is veesh from mumbai
    This song is realy beautiful,if u r in true love just close ur eyes & listen this this is just beauty & love lady Abida paveen voice