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[Manasamarthyadata] Important Announcement regarding 6th-May Ram Rajya Pravachan

Hari om All,

On Thursday 29th April 2010, Our beloved Sadguru Param Poojya Shree
Aniruddha Bapu has declared that within 72hrs after his discourse on Ram
Rajya, the entire `Pravachan’ will be available to all
Bapu-Bhaktas in three languages namely Marathi, Hindi, and English.

We have proposed to make this `Pravachan’ available to all
members of Manasamarthyadata Newsletter Group, as well as it will be
posted to our AADM website also.

Memberships to Manasamarthyadata Newsletter are open to all who are
willing to know about P.P. Sadguru Bapu and his Bhakti and Seva

For memberships, send email on the any of the following two email IDs:

membership@manasamarthyadata. com

Spread this word to as many Bapu-Bhaktas as possible.

Hari om
Manasamarthyadata Newsletter Team