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Interview with GOD

Well no it wasnt me who interviewd HIM. Who could show light to the Almighty himself. It is just of the links which was forwarded to me by one of my friends. However it is still is intresting thing to watch. This may not be the real interview with GOD but is ceratinly wise words. Situations which almost all of us would face in our life. Atleast , i faced same situation.

Living life in fast lane we never stop by to think WHY? WHAT for? Just if we would give a thought to these things world would be better place to live.Having siad that it is what it is. These things are never going to change.

Hmmm.. thinking about that what if I get Chance to interview GOD what would be my questions.
umm.. i wonder what they would be I guess seeing him would be enough to get me out of all my anxieties.

If you are wondering what I am on about here is the Interview With GOD

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