Bee Pee

have been blogging……

If you have been writing to me and I have not been replying, I am really sorry. Actually, there are very few of the people to whom I have been replying. To be precise only two of them, now don’t ask who. Then what had I had been doing. You can see for yourself what I have been doing. Yes, you have got it right. I have been trying to give a face lift to my blog with some tweaking here and there. If you are reading my blog and you need to Google something, it’s just here. Actually I wanted to do this from very long time but never got to it. Having ample of time here gives me the luxury to play around with my blog. You will not believe I spent the whole time yesterday till half twelve doing this thing I was just lost into it. Like you might be seeing already I have equaled the total number of blogs I have written till last year. My head is buzzing with at least 2 new topics one of them might be series. So get ready to read them and be bored no a…i am kidding…might be you might get some help of them. Or maybe you might be able to give your tips to me.

Hoping we can share lot of things from now on..