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Halwa hai kya?

This Saturday i woke up planning to make Carrot halwa aka Gajjar ka halwa. My bus pass was coming to end so I had to top up that as well. I was waiting at the bus stop when Manuel and WeiWei also come there what a surprise. They both were going to city center for some shopping.

After topping up the bus pass i set about to search Golden syrup much needed ingredient for my halwa recipe and the only one which i was not missing. But this was only until i came back home and saw the list again. There was some essential ingredient that was missing too. The name was clarified butter aka ghee. Now i had almost decided to settle for butter instead of clarified butter. But i thought lets give it a try and search in some shop may be we can get hold of ghee. I dropped into a Tesco shop. This was not the regular Tesco shop i use to visit. But then it was nearer than other one. While i was shopping I heard a punjabi women talking to a Tesco assistant. After she was done with it I approached her and asked her if she knew where i could find ghee. First she told me there was some Pakistani shop down the road where i could get the same. Later she showed me the aisle in Tesco where i could pick up ghee. After picking up ghee I decided to pick up some useful kitchen tools as well. Having done the shopping i was retiring home but again i thought when i have come so far let me see the Pakistani shop as well. To my surprise it had all the ingredients for cooking wow! i said to myself what a discovery. I can get stuff from here and that too cheap. Well the ghee itself which i bought from Tesco was cheaper there what a shame.

Any ways after coming back home I set to make the halwa. I kept my expectations low as i never made the halwa myself before. So here’s what i did
Step by step approach to making carrot halwa or Gajjar ka halwa . Hope you enjoy

1) 1tbs Ghee
2) 3tbs Sugar
3) 3 Cardamom
4) 1 tsp Golden Syrup
5) 350 ml Milk
6) 300gm Carrots

1) Grate the carrots

2) Heat the ghee in a large sauce pan

3) Add the grated carrots to ghee, mix them well in the ghee.

4) Now add milk. The mixture will look like orange mush. You will need to give constant stir to the mixture.

5)Add sugar and cardamom seeds to it

6) After the milk has evaporated sufficiently, add the golden syrup.

7) Allow the milk to evaporate further completely.

8) You can now transfer the halwa to bowl or any mould and either serve it directly or keep it in a fridge and serve with ice cream.

One point noteworthy here is the amount of carrot has reduced considerably than the amount we started with. Also you can keep tasting the halwa after the milk & sugar has been added. This will help you to adjust the sweetness of the halwa.

This puts the third jig saw piece in place. What the final picture will look like? In a few days when all comes to light will tell you all about it. Till then
Enjoy cooking!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey it looks too good and the recipe is so simple, waiting to have it, come soon, so that we too can enjoy it. it looks yummmmmmyyyyyyyyy