Bee Pee

Foggy Morning

This Sunday i woke up with a phone call. My sister had called up. Now, the fun part is i live on hill slope and my bedside is by a glass window. And what did i see this Sunday morning was the usual sight of roof tops of houses below and hill on opposite side was all covered in fog. Now i had seen such fog only once and that too in Mumbai. That day the trains were late not that case this day. It was a Sunday and i usually don’t get up so early but whatever you say it was my lucky day. Uhh… nothing special, thing is i love my favorite season is winter. I am just waiting for snowfall here. But it is quite some time before i see the snow.So after the phone call, rather a video call with my family in Mumbai i decided to make most of the latest.

So I set out for walk and believe me could only see 5-6 meters in front of me. The feeling was so nice. Being able to work out the way through such a fog. Well the road was familiar to me so not much of a problem as such but walking through the neat row of houses i realized one similarity between life and foggy morning. Every day in life we walk through such fogs not knowing what lies ahead working our way through it. May God give me the power to unravel the fog in my life…

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