Bee Pee

Ferrari Constructors- McLaren World Champions

Emotional journey for Felipe ends(for this year). That also means that F1 ends for this year, which also means that i will be hunting new source of entertainment until next year when fresh season starts. Lewis came into the race being favorite however Massa did have a home advantage. Which we saw in how Massa drew throughout the race. The race on whole had ups and downs with rains pouring in just before the start and just before the end. Leave alone emotions of Massa even i was going up and down on my bed. When I saw Vettel passing Lewis I thought he had nailed it. However, when Massa took the chequered flag i wasn’t much ecastisc. Which was explained moments later when Glock was passed by Lewis, thus passing over the championship back to Lewis. My heart was with Ferrari was Championship and Constructors title but the best man did win at the end. Lewis had done his job to perfection the McLaren was more reliable than other cars through out the season. But, it was really sad to see Massa robbed of Championship.Also, it was heartening to see Father and son pair of Hamilton’s spending the time together giving each other the hug really made me miss some one . No points for guessing who definitely my lovely father. Lewis has definitely made his father proud there. Speaking of that Lewis was robbed of victory last year.Next year with new rules and revived Alonso and Kimi with new pack of talent in Kubica,Vettel the stage is just set right.I expect Massa and Kimi to fight back lets see how the new season pans out then.Congratulations!!!! to Lewis on being the youngest Formula One Champion.