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Cayenne Red pepper

Was talking to Rose one weekend she asked me if I knew about Cayenne Red pepper.She knew I came from agricultural background and hence the question.It appeared apparently that she was finding out the same for her brother.Her complete family had history of heart disease to be more specific heart attack. This was some information which would be definitely useful. To my bewilderment the pepper was really of medicinal value. It was suppose to cure Gastric problems,Circulatory problems,Rheumatic & arthritic pains. The patients suffering from these and many other disease are said to be taking the capsules and eating these peppers. Usually the patients suffering from the heart disease are put on statins. I believe that these artificial drugs would have some side effects in long run.Also, from this week i have started new breakfast of porridge. And I should admit i really like it as it keeps me full up to lunch time.

3 thoughts on “Cayenne Red pepper

  1. Sabu

    What porridge ? I would like to know…I have discovered a new breakfast- Cerelac..

    Cerelac + half spoon Protinex + Badam + cashew + 1 spoon Boost…

    The mixture is done in 2 mins…