Bee Pee

Carrot & Onion Fritters

Its been long time had been cooking something special. Well not really special it was a quickie and lovely at least i thought so.

1) Carrot
2) Spring Onions
3) Coriander
4) Two eggs
5) Chickpea Flour
6) Grater
7) Frying Pan
8) Large Mixing Bowl
9) Salt

Cooking time 15 min.

a) Grate the Carrots
b) Cut the spring onions into small pieces
c) Chop the coriander

d) Mix all the ingredients in large mixing bowl

e) Break the eggs into the mixture (could use just the egg whites, i fancy whole egg)
In case you are not eggeatrian you could use Oil.

f) Mix all the ingredients well.

g) Heat up the frying pan add some oil

h) Take small amount of mixture and pat it on the hot frying pan

i) Turn the fritter upside down after you think it has cooked at the bottom.Best way to know if the fritter has been cooked is to give slight push horizontally and if it moves it has cooked at the bottom
j) Cook on both sides well
h) Wallah, it done