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Bhupendra in Dreamland

We all have dreams in our life, not one but many. A big house, beautiful wife, lots of money, happy family and what not.
One of my dreams was to go the United Kingdom. It was fulfilled few years back in terms of onsite opportunity by my previous employer.
But had to return back again to India. Having visited once I was hungrier I wanted to stay there and work there. The environment over there was suitable for me. There are very few people so the government takes good care of them. There are so many facilities which we the taxpayers of India should enjoy but sadly been deprived of the same. Of course my big incentive was the kind of money I earned there. It helped me lift socially now people recognized me and my family members were proud of me.

Last summer then I began plotting my moves to reach UK once again stay for longer term there. I tried various websites which gave me information about the rules of migration. They had scoring system which said i did qulaify to work and live there. But then they were not convincing enough. I had some of my friends and relatives back in UK. I asked them what to do all say whatever you do plan properly. One of my friends PS gave me suggestion to go through the Home Office website. Another friend of mine P said why I don’t try some agent through which I can get the job done. I told him I had the same plan but finding a reliable agent wasn’t easy in the world where all people are after your hard earned money. And before that interestingly my previous employer had called me back for an interview for onsite opportunity in UK. Somehow that did not work out so I was left trying aging for myself. I searched through a social networking site to find if I can have some chance to catch hold of someone who could help. I knew it was more dangerous but had to start somewhere at least. I came through a post on one of the places. I asked for the address of the guy. Meanwhile my friend P said that he would get some agent information from his friends for me. Now, this friend of mine is one of the guys instrumental in getting me to UK. He had strong belief that I could easily land up with a job within 4 weeks of my arrival to UK. The other person who encouraged me to travel to UK was my cousin’s brother –in-law I use to be in touch with him discussing things about UK and all.

The response which I got from the place in the social networking site suddenly reminded me of the name which was given to e for getting job in the USA few years ago. I verified the same in my phonebook it was the same guy. And next day email of my friend P came which gave me the same name. There it was what more proof I wanted I had received confirmation that the agent was trustworthy. I approached him and fixed an appointment with him. He explained me how it would work I was happy with it. However, the amount he quoted as his fees was very high for me. I had saved some money all for my sis wedding. Now, I was going to gamble the same. I arrived home and discussed with my family about the same, all approved of the plan. I was only worried if it did not work out a big sum would be at stake. But a phone call to my agent and things were ok as he said only the money for courier services and visa application would be gone in that condition. But still would be sizeable for me looking at the event which was on the horizon.

My agent Mr. A was too cool. He did his job to perfection. Finally, I got the Visa he was of immense help. Gradually and slowly we become friends. If any of you need to migrate to UK on HSMP let me know I will give you his address and number.

Finally the time had come when I had to part with my office colleagues and friends. Well believe me this wasn’t easy and my office people did not make it easy either. Luckily for me I had an initial round of interview in India itself. I had cleared it. But they said I needed to land in UK and meet the employers for the letter. And there were quite a few other interviews lined up as well. So, without making any delay then I decided to go to UK (my dreamland).

All things were hurried. Tickets booked shopping done and vesting few relatives. My relatives did not have slightest idea what was happening. I feared not to tell them because they would get worried about my very bold step. As the recession was looming around and without much security about job I was travelling to the UK. Most worried of them all was my father –in-law he had to be informed that I was leaving. Well to be frank enough even I was little worried as this was a very bold step which I was taking . So with a rationing of a month I landed in UK.

I was lucky enough to have fixed a shared accommodation from India. I had landed on a Friday because ticket on Sat or Sun was more costly. I had the interview on Monday I was studying for the interview like I was to give some exam. In the evening I got out to purchase something to eat. I set out and suddenly felt too cold I realized I forgot my jacket inside the house. I was laughing at myself.
You see did not have the habit of wearing a jacket in India. I had bought some rice, bread and chide. The house mates were nice and helpful. Both Sat and Sun I survived on Chide only on Sun afternoon did I cook. I was worried too much about the job. I was missing my Mommy better half and my sis. Life is nothing without these three. Love them a lot. But then had to go through some pain of course to make my life ahead a little better.

Finally the day arrived donned in the suit I went for my interview. I had updated my telephone number in various job sites. By the time I reached the city of interview I had around 25-30 calls asking my availability. I said to myself wow, I need not worry there are many opportunities. And yes my dear friend P had fixed an interview in his company as well for me. I reached the company where my first interview was the people there were friendly. I had a technical round and then I was asked to wait to speak to the boss of the company. I knew it then I had the job. From my past experience in taking interviews myself I had the knowledge in case a person is not been selected we use to tell them our HR will get back to them. They knew we had told them subtly that you are not been selected. The boss of the company was good he questioned few things which I answered well I suppose. He then himself came to drop me at the bus station. After which I got a call from the recruitment agent that I secured the job. I was very happy I conveyed the message back home in India they were happy too. I hope when my friends and family read this or come to know about the same they will not feel bad as to I did not inform them about the same.

Finally I had got job in UK on my own. I hope I can continue here for long time. Rest is Lord Aniruddha’s wish finally it is he who is the one who is doing it.

3 thoughts on “Bhupendra in Dreamland

  1. vishvesh

    Happy to read the story!! Life is worth not only in dreaming, but also in making efforts to achieve our dreams!

    And at the end of the day, no dream is too big for a spirited individual!

    Hope you are having a good time and also that your wife has joined you in your dreamland!

    Good show, mate!

  2. aniruddha

    Hi Bhupendra,
    Good one……..Feels nice to read ur story and pumps in that much needed drive to land inUK and secure a job.
    I too am a UK aspirant as u are. I got myself a HSMP approval and now am searching for a job and parallely preparing for Entry clearance (next step to get HSMP Visa).
    Could you please share some of your knowlegde and guide me in this regards. (btw – I am a Mechanical Enggr working in Program Management in Automobile Industry – TATA MOTORS in India)

    Many thanx in advance……


  3. Bhupendra

    Hello Aniruddha,
    First of all I like your name very much.From my experience i can tell you unfortunately, you cant do much sitting in India about the job.You need to be here in UK.Need to come UK with enough money to survive for a month or so. At least in my field we have avg time of a month to get job. If you know some one from your field here you can get the details about which job sites to apply and all. I would advise you not to upload the resume till you arrive here because the consultants wont be interested in your resume till you are available for interview.What the consultants do here is download a local copy of all the resumes and if you happen to upload your resume with Indian address they will never call you.The reason why the consultants do that is they don’t want to lose lead on their clients and they should be confident that you are available for the interview.