Bee Pee

Taare Zameen par..

I seldom watch movies, am not really a movie buff. I have watched selected movies in theatre.Not that i abstain from watching them, i do watch them when they come on televsion set. Yes, i have watched Harry Potter series back to back on the DVD set agian the same goes for Lord of the ring.
This night i watched Tare Zameen Par at a very new theatre in our place. This movie actually is Aamir’s directoral debut. Perfectionist that he is he done the movie all the justice that it required.The way he treated the subject, and the subject itself are diffrent.Had it been another director he would have tried to inject some scenes by force. But the way the story unfolds itself keeps the audience tied. None of the scenes were actually that predictable.

Also, it was fresh topic Ishaan’s role was really suberb. Yes, in today competive world we tend to forget simple things in life like every one is diffrent they need diffrent treatment. Not that the movie would be another “Jai Santoshi Maa” but yes it would definetly provoke you to look at things from diffrent angle.

Well Done Aamir and team…